Review of Asimov’s March/April 2017

Cover of the March/April 2017 double issue

This is one of the most enjoyable issues of Asimov’s in quite a while. There’s something here for everyone. Bill Johnson and Gregory Frost’s story “Three Can Keep a Secret…” is a novelette in the vein of Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat. Dale Bailey’s short story “Invasion of the Saucer Men” plays with themes from those cheesy-but-fun 1950s SF/horror films. Terry Bisson’s “We Regret the Error” is short, but funny and thought-provoking. Damien Broderick’s “Tao Zero” (what a terrific title! wish I’d thought of it!) is a mind-bending exploration of the possibilities of AI. Ian Creasey’s “After the Atrocity” is a terrific demonstration of how SF can examine issues of current concern through the lens of possibility.

An excellent issue!