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I’ve written books on particular aspects of Astrobiology (Where is Everybody?), Cosmology (Measuring the Universe), Observatories (New Eyes on the Universe), Physics (Out of This World) and SF (All the Wonder that Would Be) — fields that are all fast-moving. Click on the relevant tab for updates.

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Book cover - All the Wonder that Would Be My most recent book: published June 2017.

It contains discussions of the history behind 10 science-fictional themes, and what modern science tells us might be possible.

The book also contains my first published SF story — an homage to the Master, Isaac Asimov!

Available in ebook and ‘real’ formats here.

Book cover - Where is Everybody? Second edition A revised and updated second edition of Where is Everybody? With a foreword by Martin Rees

Selected by Choice magazine (American Library Association) as an “Outstanding Academic Title 2015”.

Download the ebook, or order the ‘real’ book, here.

Book cover - New Eyes on the Universe We are entering a golden age of cosmology — in large part thanks to new observatories that have astonishing capabilities.

In this book I look at recent and planned observatories for all parts of the EM spectrum, as well as neutrino observatories, cosmic ray observatories and gravitational wave observatories.

It’s available here.

Book cover - Out of this World A look at some of the proposals for physics beyond the Standard Model — superstrings, branes, and so on.

Available here.

Book cover - Where is Everybody? Shortlisted for the 2003 Aventis (now Royal Society) Science Book Prize, and winner of the SETI Journal “Best Ideas” Award

An expanded and updated version of the book is available (see above), but if you really want to buy this version it’s available here.

Book cover - Measuring the Universe My first book was a textbook about distance determination in astronomy and cosmology. It’s now slightly out of date (it came out just as the accelerating expansion of the universe became accepted but I think it is still a really useful primer for undergraduate students.

Unfortunately, it’s really expensive. (Blame the publishers, not me!)

The book is still available here.